We are pleased to announced the start of our 1940’s cottage renovation, located in Fayetteville, North Carolina! As we move through the renovations, we’ll keep you updated through our blog & social media postings. Since we are going to keep as much of the 1940’s feel as possible in the home, here’s some inside reveals. We have ordered glass door knobs for the interior. The doors will be coming down, sanded, painted & rehung (deciding on paint colors isn’t as easy). We will be replacing exterior doors but for the moment, they are just painted with added shutters. They’ll be more of course, such as gutting the bathroom. One big change will also be to the landscaping. We have started cleaning out the messy yard and taking down the chain link. The gardens will have azaleas, hydrangeas and roses. We also want to create a little seating area near the barn under the overhang with market lights and maybe a outdoor fireplace. We are aiming to have it opened in the Spring of 2019. In the meantime here are some before photos. Stay tuned for updates!


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